What is Chabad Loft?

The Chabad Loft is the Greenwich Village based branch of the Chabad Lubavitch International outreach organization.

At the core of Chabad Loft is Rabbi Yakov and Avital and their family, who have impacted the lives of literally, thousands of people. They open their home every week for Shabbat dinners, Jewish Holiday gatherings, Torah classes, lectures, and one-on-one personal counsel.

They were both raised in secular backgrounds but have embraced the Chabad Jewish spiritual philosophy into their own day to day lives. They imbue their community with a true sense of joy, warmth, and spirituality combined with an emphasis on forming a meaningful relationship with every person that walks through their doors.

The Kavanah Space is hub for a dynamic Shul, vibrant community, Omakase Sushi bar, Art Gallery, and Learning Center. Sometimes it will be a large gathering of either singles, or couples, or families and on other occasions it will be a more intimate one. Regardless, every individual will feel uplifted and connected at the Chabad Loft/Kavanah Space.

Chabad Loft 2024

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