Meditation from Sinai is a transformative, empowering offering that unveils meditation and mindfulness as the bedrock upon which all meaningful life is built. It synthesizes extensive research from both the spiritual and scientific communities, forging a practical path to fully realizing life’s potentials. This is done by mastering the art of pausing, gazing inward, and harnessing our contemplative powers to uncover the profound significance of life’s every moment.

Lesson 1 MONDAY JAN 31

Psychological studies have proven the mind's power to regulate emotions, decrease anxiety and depression and increase positive emotions. In studies, mindful awareness and meditative practices have improved emotional well-being and mental health for healthy individuals and clinical populations. This lesson explores the foundation of Jewish meditation and mindful awareness practices, namely the "Mind governs the heart" axiom in Jewish philosophy and how it correlates with the foundations of mindbased psychotherapy. Finally, we demonstrate how to harness the mind to overcome negative feelings and actively produce positive ones.

Lesson 2 MONDAY FEB 7

Twenty-five years ago, researchers began to seriously explore and acknowledge the positive contribution spirituality can make to mental health and well-being, treating mental illness, and facilitating recovery. Positive Psychology harnesses spirituality to build a happier life. This lesson reviews the proven benefits of spirituality as part of an integrative approach to improve lives and help one cope with struggles. Spiritual beliefs provide meaning and security and have been shown to increase positive emotions, including hope, gratitude, compassion, and joy.

Lesson 3 MONDAY FEB 14

Meditation from Sinai explores the multiple ways Positive Psychology studies have found that religion and spirituality can increase happiness and wellbeing. This lesson focuses on belief in a higher power and providence and how these beliefs foster security, self-esteem, meaning, coping, and happiness. We then explore meditations to activate these benefits when needed.

Lesson 4  MONDAY FEB 21

This lesson explores mindful awareness and spiritual meditation. An overview of the mechanics of mindfulness and how it helps one infuse daily activities and chores with meaning and purpose to achieve equanimity and align behavior with long-term goals.

Lesson 5 MONDAY FEB 28

For those seeking a deeper, more spiritual life, much of human experience seems frustratingly trivial and distracting. Rather than aspiring to an ascetic existence, Jewish philosophy infuses everyday activities such as eating, sleeping, and working with meaning and purpose. This lesson explores Dr. Victor Frankl's methods of harnessing meaning and purpose to achieve a higher-quality, happier life no matter the challenges life presents.

Lesson 6 MONDAY March 7

After establishing the power of meditation, we explore a more immediate and accessible application of mindfulness: Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs). MAPs are proven to improve well-being, behavior regulation and learning capacity. In this lesson we explore how MAPs bring our core values and more significant purpose to the front of our minds and make it more likely that our words, actions, and responses, particularly during challenging moments, are consistent with our principles and goals. In Judaism, the practice of mitzvot (“good deeds”) with kavanah (proper intent) throughout the day serves as touchpoints to connect our behaviors to a higher purpose of life

February 28th, 2022 from  7:00 PM to  8:15 PM
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